August 31

Oh man, lots of things happening here, releases, a new website and tours tours tours. Peep these items en route:
VIT027 Comadre "Cold Rain" 7" (Due out in October, preorders Oct 1)
VIT028 Comadre "Comadre" LP (Due out end of Year)
VIT029 Vique Martin: Simba: A Collection of Personal and Political Writings from the 90s Hardcore Scene" (coming out soon)
VIT030 Dangers "S/T" 7" Repress

and a lot more stuff. Thought i would slow down, but i guess i am just that kind of asshole.

- A new website is coming soon courtesy my boy Liam which will perhaps make things load faster with easier access to infos

-...and in jan there will be Ghostlimb tour dates in the south US all the way up the east coast. Look out, we have never gone there, so someone better show up.

August 15

shows coming up next week in Oakland and Santa Cruz, Oakland is on August 24th: Ghostlimb, Reivers, Moxiebeat, Pills, at Sugar Mountain, check out the Facebook for map details.

Santa Cruz info coming

August 4

Dangers 4 shows coming up next week peep them:
Aug 7: Submission, San Francisco
Aug 8: Aladdin Jr, Pomona
Aug 9: All Different Colors, LA
Aug 10: Che Cafe, SD

August 1

Just got home from the Gorlock Euro tour and boy was that a laughriot. We got everywhere we wanted to go except Bosnia, thanks to the Croatian government. Aside from that things went swimmingly. A lot of new gorlock things in the works this year, some shows in December in Southern California and some shows in the rest of the country later in the year. When all is put back together in our respective lives we are going to be working on a new full length tentatively entitled "Terrorform". Also this coming year there will be a release of all of the early pre-trilogy gorlock records on one lp, a lot of the stuff from the film school years so keep your stupid blind eyes open for that one. Upcoming shows will be posted soon.

Coming up in the next couple of months will be a vitriol garage sale of sorts with limited shit, cheap shit, and some free shit at my humble abode. Details coming soon but it will be roughly only 50 people so as to maintain my sanity, and it should be fun/not soul crushing

Lastly, going off to press this week is the new Comadre 7" "Cold Rain" and for the end of the year their new self titled full length. Don't be stupid.

June 18

Gorlock Tour Europe
29.06.2012 GER - Berlin / tiefgrund w/ Millions of Them
30.06.2012 GER - CRY ME RIVER fest
01.07.2012 GER - Hamburg / rote flora w/ Millions of Them EARLY SHOW (starts 17:oo)
02.07.2012 NL - Njimegen/ de onderbroek w/ Millions of them, Sloth
03.07.2012 F - Lille / free stuff w/ Birds in Row
04.07.2012 F - Caen / el camino w/ Birds in Row
05.07.2012 F - Paris / w/ Coke Bust Birds in Row
06.07.2012 GER - Köln / Az w/ birds in row
07.07.2012 GER - New Noise Fest
08.07.2012 B - Liege / Inside Out
09.07.2012 UK - Brighton/ Prince Albert w/ lich
10.07.2012 UK - Manchester/ The kraak Gallery w/lich, hammers
11.07.2012 UK - Norwich/ Olives Cafe w/lich
12.07.2012 UK - London/ The brixton windmill w/lich
13.07.2012 B - Merksplas / zig zag w/ millions of them
14.07.2012 NL - Groningen / vera
15.07.2012 GER - Trier/ Exhaus (exil) w/ deadverse
16.07.2012 GER - Darmstadt / Oettinger villa w/ deadverse
17.07.2012 GER - Munich / Kafe Kult /deadverse
18.07.2012 CZ - Prag / secret location
19.07.2012 CZ - Prag / Cafe na Pul Cesty
20.07.2012 CZ - Fluff
21.07.2012 SLK - Motorest Dubnik
22.07.2012 HU - Budapest / Szabad az Á
23.07.2012 SER - Belgrade / Panic Room
24.07.2012 BIH - Banja Luka /renegade club
25.07.2012 CRO - Zagreb / Attack!, AKC Medika
26.07.2012 SLO - Koper / pandamonium fest
27.07.2012 A - Vienna /venster 99
28.07.2012 GER - Dresden / scheune shakshuka-festival
29.07.2012 GER - Leipzig / Zoro

June 13

Yo, ghostlimb is planning a East Coast centric, truncated US tour for January, if you book shows on the east coast and can help with some shit, please hit me up jason@graforlock.com.

May 31

Things of import:
-Ghostlimb preorders go up on saturday, although subjective, i think Confluence is a great record
-Graf Orlock "Los Angeles" 7" in its second press and available now online, this one also has bulletholes with a printed (not screen printed cover), and a 14x21" poster inside, much like the Los Angeles shirt
-Lastly, some new releases coming up in the new year will be a New Comadre 7" (in time for the Fest in October), and following closely a new Comadre full-length LP (winter). This will be their first non-split, non-7" full length release in a number of years since Burn Your Bones. They are going in some good direction, so keep your eye out on these Ebay platinum future gems.

May 20

Alright, a new ghostlimb song posted on AP and HERE, where you can peep the song "Margins". The Preorder for the record is on June 2 HERE. Tis a split between Vitriol and Melotov Records.

-Shows coming up
-May 25th Blue Star Bar, LA: Death Hymn Number 9, Joyce Manor, etc
-May 26th Glass House. Pomona: Hot Water Music, Ghostlimb, Touche Amore, Joyce Manor, etc, come early Ghosti plays first
-June 7, McWorld, LA: Buyer's Remorse
-June 18, Death Hymn Number 9, Continental Room, Fullerton, Free
-June 23 Gnarmageddon Fest, Dangers, and a lot more, Fullerton
-June 29-July 31 Graf Orlock in Europe

Shaping up to be a really "cool" summer.

May 13

Hello, all y'all out there in inter webs land. A lot of new stuff to update.
-Got a lot of new distro stuff in from Berlin and Adagio830/BisAufsMesser/Vendetta; the Ash Borer demo lp, restock in Pygmy Lush, Protestant Lps, the new Aussitot Mort Lp, Indian Summer Lp Repress, Negative Standards and more. Check em out in the webstore.

-Graf Orlock Euro tour approaching quickly in 6 weeks. Watch out Euro techno

-Ghostlimb "Confluence" LP is up for preorder Sat June 2nd at 8PM PST time HERE.

April 24

Oh snap!
Ghostlimb are playing with Hot Water Musi, Touche Amore, Hoyce Manor, and Holy Fever at the Glass House on May 26th. It is a Saturday. This rules, scratch that one off the awesome list.
Also, ghost limb are playing with Birds in Row on the 29th of April, Sunday at Mc World in LA, and Buyers Remorse are playing with Birds In Row, Moxiebeat, Loma Prieta at the Blood Orange Info Shop in Riverside on Monday.

April 21

Check out these shows coming up:
April 29th
Mc World 511 W Adams, LA
Loma Prieta
Birds in Row (FR, Come out and check them out)
Moxiebeat (New Rogue State Band)

April 30
Blood Orange Info Shop, Riverside
Loma Prieta
Birds IN Row
Buyer's Remorse (Vitriol band)

April 14

This is pretty insane, some of the press on the Graf Orlock record is out of control:

Over 11 Pacino-packed minutes, gritty grindcore and Heat samples work up a symbiotic sweat.
A scramble of screams, blastbeats and piranha-tank guitars.
-Alternative Press
On their new work, Los Angeles, [Graf Orlock] have created what may be their masterpiece.
-LA Weekly
Not only is their music as mercilessly murderous as you'd want it to be, but their incorporation of elements from action films in brilliant.
An enigma wrapped inside a mystery that's been stuffed in Stallone's bulging ammunition pouch.
-About Heavy Metal
Theres no grindcore outfit as fun as Graf Orlock.
-MSN Headbang
Graf Orlocks music scares the shit out of me.

This things are good i think. Big ups to Curran for the help

April 12

The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. If I were YOU i would go to these shows coming up at the end of the month. For people in the LA area this requires you not going to the Tragedy show on the 29th, but coming here
April 29th, 7 PM, Sunday
Loma Prieta, Birds in Row, Ghostlimb, Moxiebeat
McWorld, 511 W. Adams, Los Angeles

Or the corresponding show on Monday in the environs of Riverslime, which is tentatively at the Blood ORange Info Shop
April 30th, Monday 7pm
Loma Prieta, Birds In Row, Buyer's Remorse, Moxiebeat

In other news, I had to at least acknowledge this last weekend that it felt like 2001-2002 (thus dating me), in terms of good shows in the area, on Thursday it was Hot Snakes at Alex's Bar, which was phenomenally tight, good goddamn. On Friday it was John K. Samson at the Troubadour, man too good. If you haven't you should check out his new record "Provincial", or at least troll youtube.

April 5

Things are going swimmingly. A week or so until the Tempest records are ready and that goes for the gorlock release as well. Gearing up for the Euro summer tour welcoming the complete moron Ronald Uruk on bass. After that, in the near future our vision is turning domestic (kind of like terrorism), and hopefully Gorlock will hit the wretched U.S. in its first incarnation since 07 or 08. Get ready mutants.

April 3

Hello hello. Japan tour was pretty fun, thanks to uchuu and all of our people out there who took their time and energy to help us out, get around, and listen with kindness to our horribly broken Japanese.
The Gorlock 7" and Tempest 7"s are taking longer than expected due to the time of year and record store day. The gorlock records should ship out sometime in the next two weeks, apologies for those waiting on them. The same goes for the Tempest record, although all of the artwork is on hand, the vinyl is lagging hard. When I get this stuff I will do and all nighter and get it out like all hell.
Graf Orlock Euro tour coming soon and some really exciting stuff happening with Ghostlimb. Keep ears open, tear it down.

March 19

The new Ghostlimb record is in the bag, man this thing rages. Planning on getting that out before summer. This next wednesday Graf Orlock and Dangers are headed to Japan, here are the dates if you are around:
3/24 BB Street, Yokohama
3/25 Nine Spices, Shinjuku, Tokyo
3/27 Flat, Tokyo
3/28 Little Amsterdam, Kanagawa
3/29 Socrates, Kyoto
3/30 Huck Finn, Nagoya
4/1 King Cobra Squat, Osaka

In terms of the new gorlock 7", this is a horrible time for pressing records because of the stupid record store day stuff, so they have been delayed a little longer than I would have liked. This means they will be sent out closer to the Actual release date of April 10, but more than likely after i return from Japan. Hell yeah.

March 5

Hello, winners of the world. Oh this gorlock record is super dumb.
In two weeks, Teenage', Neal, and I are going up to the bay to record the new Ghostlimb full length, yet to be titled LP. This is super exciting. And although there isn't going to be a huge amount of ghost touring this summer (gonna try to get to the east coast soon), we still are down to make music and record shit. This I think, is the best shit we have going, so make sure to check it out when it is finished up. Ooooh exciting.

Feb 28

Here is infos for the Graf Orlock/Dangers Japan Tour in March
3/24 BB Street, Yokohama (Endzweck, Pastafasta, Weave, Nervous LIght of Sunday)
3/25 Nine Spices, Shinjuku (Endzweck, Akutagawa, Enslave, Nervous Light of Sunday)
3/27 Tokyo
3/28 Little Amsterdam, Yokosuka (Eye, Pajamas, the Overweights)
3/29 Socrates, Kyoto (Ball Busters, Mortalized, Bloodball)
3/30 Huck Finn, Nagoya (Pastafasta)
3/31 King Cobra Squat, Osaka (Pastafasta, Mortalized, Till Ewing)

Then Gorlock rides along in Europe this summer. Get out of my face!

Feb 17

Hey yo. Preorders for that gorlock 7" go up soon, Tempest 7" also in the works. Thanks to the ridiculously greedy government I have always hated, tax season is a fucking nightmare. That being said, more stuff in the works over here. Pick up the Birds In Row LP before those suckers are gone. Next month is the aforementioned preorder, and the recordation of the yet to be titled new Ghostlimb LP. Holy shit, productivity rules.

Feb 3

Holy shit. Graf Orlock "Los Angeles" 7" goes up for order in a month. It is SUPER dumb and cathartic for only me. You should definitely check out what will most certainly be one of the most pissed off records ever to enlarge a stupid label's carbon footprint. There are 600 copies of this piece, 3 different covers. 150 standard covers of each of the three designs, and 50 additional of each of the covers with real deal bullet holes in them shot by yours truly and probably a couple of other people you probably don't want handling firearms around you. Preorders for the bullet editions go up on March 10, 9pm pacific. Shit has a poster, will rule. You can check it out HERE.

Secondarily, represses of the Doombox are in, on red vinyl this time. You can peep those HERE as well. Already going fast to distros and garbage cans everywhere.

Jan 18

Dangers are playing with Dillinger Escape Plan, Nails, and California Bleeding tonight in Eagle Rock in LA.

Here is an awesome contest done by Decibel Magazine for the BIRDS IN ROW "COLLECTED" release. Here are the humorous and culturally insensitive stipulations: "Send me the funniest phrase in French you can think of. I can’t read French so it has to end up funny after being run through Google Translate."- Shane Mehling. Have fun anglophiles!

Jan 11

Holy sheep shit this summer is going to rage, mostly at other peoples' expense. But that is ok. Check these dates out, Robert has done it again, in grand style and utmost bravado. Bis bald Europa

Graf orlock tour 2012
29.06.2012 GER - Berlin w/ Millions of Them
30.06.2012 GER - CRY ME RIVER Fest
01.07.2012 GER - Hamburg TBC w/ Millions of Them
02.07.2012 NL - Njimegen w/ Millions of them, Sloth
03.07.2012 F - Lille w/ Birds in Row
04.07.2012 F - Caen TBC w/ Birds in Row
05.07.2012 F w/ Birds in Row
06.07.2012 GER - Koeln / Az w/ birds in a row
07.07.2012 GER - New Noise Fest
08.07.2012 B - Liege
09.07.2012 UK - Brighton
10.07.2012 UK - Manchester
11.07.2012 UK - Norwich
12.07.2012 UK - London
13.07.2012 B - Merksplas
14.07.2012 NL - Groningen
15.07.2012 GER - saarland
16.07.2012 GER - Darmstadt / öttinger villa
17.07.2012 GER - Munich
18.07.2012 CZ - Prag
19.07.2012 SLV - Bratislava
20.07.2012 CZ - Fluff Fest
21.07.2012 SL - Ziar nad Hronom
22.07.2012 HU - Budapest
23.07.2012 SER - Novi Sad
24.07.2012 MAZ - Skopje
25.07.2012 CRO - Zagreb
26.07.2012 SLO - Ljubljana
27.07.2012 A - Vienna /venster 99
28.07.2012 GER - Dresden
29.07.2012 GER - Leipzig

Jan 10

Dec 29

Merry Crassmas. Hopefully you all survived hanging out for a day or weekend with your life cell mates. Things have been hyper hectic here. The new GRAF ORLOCK 7" "LOS ANGELES" is in the works and will be recorded on the 2nd. This is some of our most ridiculous shit to date, focusing specifically on character study and the misery of what it means to "be alive". Will be out asap.
Also, the second press of DOOMBOX will be coming soon, on red vinyl for all of you morons who assign value to different shades of pressed petroleum, courteously enlarging our carbon footprint.
Dangers has three shows up in the bay the weekend of Jan. 21, keep your eyes peeled for infos on that, it is with Conquest for Death which will be awesome.
Graf Orlock and Dangers Japanese tour dates for spring coming soon.

Dec 16

Birds in Row video of "Die, Testosterone, Die!" from the Rise of the Phoenix 7" and Collected LP is on Alternative Press' website. I think this is awesome. Check it out.

Dec 15

New updated trade/distro list on the contacts page. Check it out, hit me up

Dec 14

1.If you don't go to the Gorlock/Dangers shows this week, a curse be on your house forever, I am going to do a Graffle for the original doombox

2. Some pretty cool year end lists with Vitriol bands on them, one of which is Decibel Magazine's Top 40 of 2011, via Brooklyn Vegan, where "Doombox" came in at 40.
One that has just recently been brought to my attention is the LA Weekly metal blog top 10 of 2011, with Ghostlimb "Infrastructure" and "Doombox" at numbers 8 and 3 respectively. This is pretty cool.

3. In future news, Dangers will be playing a weekend of shows in the Bay Area the weekend of Jan 21. And Graf Orlock (via my boy Robbi) is in process for another European tour this coming July, here are the dates thus far, which will hopefully have shows with Birds in Row, Glasses, Trainwreck, etc. If you can help out on any of the open dates, I would suggest emailing Robert from Adagio830/Zann if you got infoz.It is in process so hold tight, otherwise
01.07.2012 GER - Hamburg TBC * w/ millions of them
02.07.2012 GER - Muenster * w/ millions of them
03.07.2012 F
04.07.2012 F
05.07.2012 F
06.07.2012 GER - Koeln / Az
07.07.2012 GER - New Noise Fest
08.07.2012 B - Liege confirmed * w/ millions of them
09.07.2012 UK - w/ lich
10.07.2012 UK - w/ lich
11.07.2012 UK - w/ lich
12.07.2012 UK - w/ lich
13.07.2012 B - Merksplas confirmed * w/ millions of them
14.07.2012 NL - Groningen / vera
15.07.2012 16.07.2012 GER - Darmstadt / Oettinger villa
17.07.2012 GER - Munich
18.07.2012 CZ - Prag
19.07.2012 SLK - Bratislava
20.07.2012 CZ - Fluff Fest
21.07.2012 SL - TBC
22.07.2012 HU - Budapest
23.07.2012 SER - Novi Sad
24.07.2012 MAZ - Skopje
25.07.2012 CRO - Zagreb
26.07.2012 SLO - Ljubljana
27.07.2012 A - Vienna /venster 99
28.07.2012 GER - Dresden
29.07.2012 Russia
30.07.2012 Russia
31.07.2012 Russia

Dec 1

Reprints of the Hans Gruber and Rambowski T Shirts up at the Vitriol Webstore, + two more new ones for the December Shows. Merchies and assholes beware.

Nov 20

Oh the Holiday Season!
This Thanksgiving, come celebrate sordid history and fake American holidays at the Vitriol webstore, all day Thursday, escape the monotony of your family (or "life cellmates), and get 15% off everything. Thank your state high school curriculum and your desire to know nothing for making all of us wildly ignorant. Just enter "fakehistory" in the bigcartel code. Enjoy!

Nov 14

BIRDS IN ROW join the Deathwish family, "Collected" LP out soon on Vitriol Records

From Deathwish:

Birds In Row are a melodic yet abrasive band from Laval, France.

Blurring the lines between hardcore, punk, and related sub-genres, Birds In Row truly offer something of substantial emotional weight to their listeners. Collectively carrying somber hearts and poignant souls, they navigate through melancholic seas to shape beautifully hook-laden songs unlike anything else out there today.

Birds in Row will begin releasing music on Deathwish in 2012.

Currently, Vitriol Records (Graf Orlock, Dangers, etc.) is now taking Pre-orders for the Birds In Row "Collected" LP. This release combines the previous Birds In Row releases; "Rise of the Phoenix" EP (Six label split release 2009) and heralded "Cottbus" EP (Vitriol, Throatruiner 2010), into one stunning full length album.

Pre-order "Collected" here: http://www.vitriolrecords.bigcartel.com/

Oct 27

So, I am sitting here, packaging up these petroleum platters, punishing myself by listening to late-era U2 and thinking about the state of world affairs from the relative safety of the outskirts of Los Angeles, while a lot of my friends are outrunning pigs in the east bay. Watching what is going on in London, New York, Oakland, L.A., everywhere; is a truly momentous thing. The conservative right, or even the conservative center would like to paint what is going on right now as a bunch of jobless (hippies, commies, socialists, anarchists, enter your own term used in a derogatory fashion), with no direction or cohesion. "They didn't outline a party platform for 2 months,""they are complaining about a whole bunch of different things!" It is not a mere coincidence that the world has been continuously exploding over the last year in places like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, etc., and more recently in places as disparate as New York, London in summer, and so on. How could these events be painted by Tea-partiers and those in the pundit "know" as an isolated affair of thugs and miscreants? It cannot. The quasi-functional state system is not what they claim, and democracy is more akin to the people in the street in Oakland that it ever was in Cicero's Rome or Pericles' Athens. There is a definitive breaking point, and it would behoove those continuing to teargas and rubber bullet the body politic into submission to take notice that there won't be many more fuck-ups on their part before things truly implode. Even if it is a simple acknowledgement, or the politicization of a whole new generation of kids, this is important. Billy Bragg said it best:

"wearing badges is not enough in days like these"

Oct 25

Oct 13

Friends, losers, compatriots. Lots of updates to the Bandcamp. Birds in Row "Collected" LP coming soon, tests have been approved. Was doing some Fall cleaning and I have quite a few extras of tests that people might be interested in, if this is the case, EMAIL ME and make a not low-ball offer, chumpz.


Oct 11

Morons abroad: Dangers shows in a few weeks in the Northeast, Nov 3-6 (Boston, Brooklyn, Vermont, R.I.). If any of you are coming to the shows and want to order things from the Vitriol Webstore, let me know and transactions can occur in efficient face to face relations.

Sept 28

Alright, lots of things in press right now. The Birds in Row, Gorlock, and Dangers "Messy, Isn't It?" Repress. In all things are going a bit on the insane side, lots of shows with Dangers, Death Hymn Number 9,and even some Buyer's Remorse shows. Check these dates out:

Graf Orlock/Dangers/Griever Dec 17: Che Cafe, san diego Dec 18: Chain Reaction.
You better make it out to these or live somewhere else.

It appears that Dangers will also be hitting the east coast for a weekend at the beginning of Nov. The in is as follows:
Nov 3 Boston
Nov 4 Brooklyn
Nov 5 Vermont
Nov 6 Matinee around Boston, more info to come.

On a last note, I wanted to discuss something that has been peeving me for quite some time. Not only is the failing music industry hanging on to whatever they can to clean up all of your allowances, they also have aided in the fabrication of a tremendous falsity: Music videos where people don't have their guitars plugged in.
What is this shit? I mean, I suppose I could buy into the fact that you just happen to be playing on the roof of a building in the middle of New York, to fucking no one, etc etc. But seriously, I am really supposed to believe you are rocking out to your assumedly nu-metal/christian jam/after school special pop without any amplification? You would think someone on their overpaid production team would stop and say, "Hey, maybe we should just put that cord from the axe and just tape it to the back of the amp for some effect. Alas, no. I might have to add this as one of my top hated things, following of course: waiting, passive aggression, friends.

Sept 23

Yo people, got a lot of new stuff in the webstore today from Europe, here are the things:
Pygmy Lush "Old Friends", Moloch "Possession", Nadja/Galena "Konstruction", Aussitot Mort "Discographie", Protestant "Judgements", Battilus "Furnace", Deadverse "Caution to the Wind", and a lot of other shit including Dangers shirts, etc etc. Check it out on your break between classes in the high school computer lab.

Sept 14

It looks like it is that time of year again: Repress time!!! Along with the Graf Orlock repress, there will also be a Birds in Row "Collected" LP which will have the first 7" and 12" EP Cottbus on each side. This will be somewhat in the layout vein of the Ghostlimb "Infrastructure" record with a die-cut jacket and printed innersleeve, might be the start of a series. Hmm.

Also in need of repress is the Earth Control "Earth Control" record (nee Owen Hart, having since changed their name), as well as the Dangers "Messy, Isn't It?" LP. If you weren't paying attention, the Dangers "Anger" record is also available now having been repressed as of late.

Wow, that sounds like too much shit to handle. But all of these things will rule and will hopefully (insane Greece-like debt avoided) come out interspersed with new releases throughout the beginning of next year. Go for the gold. Maybe I'll just return to the Drachma or Confederate Dollars or something. Bis spater.

Sept 10

For those of you who haven't heard the new Reivers 7", it is up on the Vitriol Bandcamp to download free of charge. If you like it, pick up the 7", you cheap asshole.

Sept 5

Shows this weekend were good. Dangers @ the Smell was excellent, here is an awesome and artsy video of it. And Death Hymn Number 9 played an FYF after party show in Glendalish L.A. which was also cool (aside from the fact that my bass cut out and the fact that I was even playing a bass which is a horrendous thought). All in all things are well, and the Reivers 7" is out. That being said, some shows being booked right now for the week before Christmas with Graf Orlock, Dangers, and potentially some out of towners in Los Angeles and San Diego, perhaps the Bay.

Keep your ear on this shit, a lot is coming up, some represses, some new presses, some crazy tours and pushing out into the world like never before. Make it happen.

Sept 2

Alright, the new Reivers 7" Schemata is out and you should check that noise out. You can do that on the webstore.

Also if you are in LA, tonight at the Smell Dangers, Touche Amore, and Joyce Manor are playing.

August 23

So this is the end of a fairly long but exceptional summer with a lot of amazing people and a lot of awesome places. Both the dangers and ghostlimb european tours went off without a hitch and 45 collective shows later things return to relatively normal. Big thanks to everyone who helped out on those and more importantly everyone who came out and supported us in different permutations. It is hard sometimes to get enough time to get abroad so it is always gratifying when we don't end up imprisoned or extremely broke. Things are already in the works for a Graf orlock tour next year which should rage beyond belief. A little follow up about issues of the label: the new Trainwreck record is out in the us and you should check that out, the excellent Griever record is still in stock, and the new Reivers 7" is about to be released into the ether. Following these things, a single lp repress of both Birds in Row Eps is coming (excellent excellent live band btw), and an lp repress of Graf orlock's "Destination time Yesterday" coming soon. It was a fun summer, and I feel like I would have gone on indefinitely if staying alive and having a place to live werent necessary. Thank yall for the support of the bands and the label, and mostly thanks to Robert for making a lot of things happen for us and always being there. Bis bald Europa.

August 10

Ghostlimb/Black Kites tour going swell, half way through our European tour, tasting the various vegan catfoods throughout the continent and being harassed by torrential downpour. That being said, shit is good, people have been awesome and things are neato. Here are some things of interest coming up:

-Repress of Graf Orlock's annoying 2007 LP "Destination Time Yesterday" in the works (and for those wondering, just because this is the first summer we haven't toured since 2005 DOES NOT mean we are broken up, you fickle motherfuckers.

-Reivers 7" almost out, should have those soon, and check out the new Trainwreck LP and Griever 10" if you have not yet. Lots of new rad stuff coming up in the future so keep your stupid eyes peeled. JJ out.

August 1

Got a lot of new stuff up on the webstore so go look at it, including the new repress of Ghostlimb S/T Lp+Bearing and Distance, Lich/Resurrectionists Split, Alpinst, and the new Glasses LP/

July 26

Hello hello. Dangers tour went well and is now finished. Everything was awesome. Ghostlimb tour starts up this coming sunday the 31st in Berlin and goes all the way through to August 20. We will be playing shows in England with Battle of the Wolf 359 and shows in France with Birds in Row that should rule hard. Robert at Adagio830/Bis Aufs Messer has graciously booked the ghostlimb tour and released a repressing (on one LP) of Ghostlimb S/T and Bearing and Distance. Should Rule Hard. Be Back to the USA soon i suppose.

June 12

Just a word about shows coming up this next weekend, we have this:

June 17th, Division 9, Riverside: Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Tempest (BC), La Bella

June 18th, House Show, Dark Arts Shit,2445 E. Broadway, Long Beach: Buyer's Remorse, Atlas, Bad Dreams

June 19th, Blvd Cafe: Buyer's Remorse, Jugheads Revenge

June 19th (12am) Continental Room, Fullerton: Death Hymn Number 9.

So with all of these fun things happening, keep in mind that the Griever 10" will go up for preorders soon, June 24th, Friday at 8pm PST. You can peep that shit HERE.

June 11 Redux

Check out this video and write up of the Death Hymn Number 9 instore at Vacation Vinyl last tueday. Check that shit out HERE you shithead n00bz.

June 11

The new Trainwreck 12" EP "If There's Light it Will Find You" VIT021 is up for preorder at the Vitriol Webstore. The official release date is June 26th and those bastards will go pretty fast, so make sure you are on your game. These are 4 new songs and are the best stuff they have done. (I am not just saying that because i stand to benefit from that statement).

The new Griever 10" "Inferior" is also off to press and rages hard. This will be one of those bands you wish you got into earlier, but since you are far to busy collecting Bridge 9 vinyl, Nike Dunks, and watching Jersey Shore, you missed it. This record is a 20 minute EP, 4 songs, all over varying complexity. Totally awesome. The preorder for this record should be up soon.

June 7

Morons the world over: Here is a new website, finally. Should be faster and way more accessible. The website now contains tons of extra useless info about Bands/Albums/Books/Ponies so check all those out too. Big ups to Eric for going through all of the heartwreching anguish of having to deal with my limited knowledge of technology.

In terms of tours, here is what is happening this summer:

Dangers July European Tour w/Glasses, Goodtime Boys

01.07.11 - Friday : London, UK @ The Purple Turtle
02.07.11 - Saturday : -Manchester, UK @ Star & Garter
03.07.11 - Sunday : Cambridge, UK @ Tba                        
04.07.11 - Monday : Norwhich, UK @ Bedford's Crypt                     
06.07.11 - Wednesday: Caen, France @ Bar Laplace              
07.07.11 - Thursday: Paris, France @ tab
08.07.11 - Friday: Bremen, Germany@ G18
09.07.11 - Saturday: Stockholm, Sweden @Kafe 44                          
11.07.11 - Monday: Kiel, Germany @ Schaubude
12.07.11 - Tuesday: Timisoara, Romania @ Atelier d.i.y.
13.07.11 - Wednesday: Viena, Austria @ Shelter      
14.07.11 - Thursday : München, Germany @ Sunny Red
15.07.11 - Friday: Stuttgart, Germany@ Juha West                          
17.07.11 - Sunday: Nürnberg, Germany @ Zentralcafe Künstlerhaus
18.07.11 - Monday: Muelheim a.d Ruhr, Germany @ AZ Muelheim
19.07.11 - Tuesday: Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
20.07.11 - Wednesday: Hannover, Germany @ Chez Heinz
21.07.11 - Thursday: Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia
22.07.11 - Friday: Leipzig, Germany @ Liwi
23.07.11 - Saturday: Rockycany, Czech @ Fluff Fest

Ghostlimb/Black Kites August European Tour

31.07.2011 GER - BERLIN / lovelite
01.08.2011 GER - HAMBURG / rote flora
02.08.2011 NL - NJIMEGEN / De Onderbroek
03.08.2011 UK - Brighton / The Prince Albert
04.08.2011 UK - Manchaster / The Whitworth
05.08.2011 UK - Deptford, London / the Bird’s Nest
06.08.2011 BEL - Antwerp / JH Den Eglantier
07.08.2011 GER - Aachen / AZ 
08.08.2011 GER - Karlsruhe
09.08.2011 GER - Nürnberg / Zentralcafé im Künstlerhaus (K4)
10.08.2011 GER - Darmstadt / oettinger villa
11.08.2011 GER - Mühlheim / AZ
12.08.2011 Bel - Ieper Fest
13.08.2011 F - Laval / Queens Bar
14.08.2011 France
15.08.2011 F - Marseille / O'Bundies
16.08.2011 SLOVENIA
17.08.2011 CZ - Prague/ Dejvická Klubovna
18.08.2011 GER - Dresden
19.08.2011 GER - Leipzig
20.08.2011 GER - Hohenstein Ernsthal - Voice of Art Festival

Check it out, if you live in any of these places, come out and seem some bands who might be dispicable people, but can play things ok sometime good.

May 25

Friends and fellow believers,
It looks like the rapture passed with nothing happening. This is surprising considering throughout the course of the last 200 years in the US people have been saying the EXACT SAME SHIT every couple of years and nothing has happened. Why you may ask? That is something for which you must plumb the depths of the human psyche. Remember YTK? You probably don't actually, but that was also one of my all-time favorite pointless scares, an arbitrary date of awesomeness.

Anyways, 4 shows coming up before the Dangers Euro tour (july) and ghostlimb euro tour (august). Here there are in chronological order:
-May 30th, Blvd Cafe (Graf Orlock, Extortion, etc)
-June 5th, Blvd Cafe (Graf Orlock, Kenmode, Deafheaven, etc)
-June 17, Division 9, Riverside (Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Tempest, La Bella)
-June 19th, Blvd Cafe (Buyer's Remorse, Jugheads Revenge (WTF?), etc)
I don't know why they are all at the Blvd in LA, but shit is a little dry here at the moment so bear with us. There won't be any gorlock shows until winter after the riverside date so make sure you come out and get at that shit.
The Greiver 10" and Reivers 7" are in the works and should go out before the end of June so keep your shitheaded eyes peeled for that one. And happy birthday to me, one step closer to my personal apocalypse next year. Hell yeah

May 10

Vitriol Podcast 4

Alright assholes, time has come for another exciting jaunt down things you don't care about lane. That being said, here is some music and infoz about future plans/regrets. I'd like to pretend I am concerned about the next 36:30 of your life you are losing, but I honestly am not. You can download this piece here.

1. The Oblivions,"Bad Man" from Popular Favorites

2. Bullets In, "Anthems Erased" from Conceive

3. Death Hymn Number 9, "Squid Attack" from Smokestack Frightening

4. Forgetters, "The Night Accelerates" from 2 x 7"

5. Griever, "Home Again, Alone Again" from 10"

6. Billy Bragg, "The World Turned Upside Down"

7. Sista Sekunden, "Bombplan" from Skyll Inte Pa Oss

8. Acts of Sedition, "Cellar Door" from Crown Victoria

9. Obits, "Begging Dogs" from Moody, Standard, Poor

10. Lack, "CPH" from Saturate Every Atom


May 4

Hope you all had a fabulous may day this year. I spent it with some of my favorite corpo buddies in the northwest. Ghostlimb shows for this month are mostly finished up, and in the near future we have 2 extensive European tours of Dangers (july) and Ghostlimb (August), so if you are a Euro, make sure to check those things out, should be updated on the tours page any day now.

April 25

All the ghostlimb records have been mailed since last week, hope they got there
Ghostlimb is playing in the Northwest this coming weekend at these places:
Friday 29, Black Lodge (Seattle) w/ Owen Hart, Capsule, Tempest
Saturday 30, Garbage Mountain (Vancouver) w/Capsule, Tempest

Also, new things coming out in the near future are seven inches from Reivers (Oakland, members of Graf Orlock and Acts of Sedition), Death Hymn No. 9 (LA Rock and Roll w/stompy swamp blues), and a ten inch from Griever (excellent melodic and excessively well thought out heavy shit from ex-members of Lewd Acts). Keep your stupid ears open for what is coming

April 18

Ghostlimb records get in sometime this week and will be sent out by the weekend, again, sorry for the delay
Ghostlimb shows coming up this weekend are as follows:

Friday April 22, Division 9, Riverside, 3485 University. 7p, $5. Don't be late
-Ghostlimb, Reivers (mems of Graf Orlock and Acts of Sedition). Greiver (ex-Lewd Acts), Bad Dreams.

Sat April 23, Che Cafe, San Diego 7 pm, Don't b fuckin' l8
-Capsule, Ghostlimb, Reivers, Greiver, Children Of God, Death Hymn no 9

April 7

These bad boys are back in print and available HERE.

April 4

This weekend Sat and Sunday, Ghostlimb will be playing in the Bay area, check out these shows.
Ghostlimb/Reivers Shows this weekend in the Bay Area. S9/Oakland Shirley Temple of Doom House w/Joyride. Su10/SF Five Points Arthouse w/pills.

April 3

Birds in Row "Cottbus" 12" EP w/Backside Etching is up for order now HERE. The covers are cut and screenprinted, and this is a swell continuation of the previous 7" "Rise of the Phoenix". So if you liked that one, check this out.

March 29

New Ghostlimb record is available to listen and download at the Vitriol Bandcamp.
Also, preorders/orders on this record have been delayed for a few weeks because of the plant, please be patient. Thanks

March 18


March 15

Ides of March, 2011. A mere 2055 years ago 13 conspirators plunged their daggers into the person of Julius Caesar, one of the world's best known seekers of unmitigated power. Sic semper tyrannis.

Here is a new trailer for Andrew Bonazelli's THE DREAMT AND DEATHLESS OBSCENE book. This noise comes out officially on April 5th, concurrent with the new Ghostlimb record. There is a "corpsepile" handmade version as well as a standard bound version. Both preorders will be going up on Sat, March 19th at 8 pm Pacific time, don't miss out, or be an asshole, etc.

Here is a new Buyer's Remorse 7" review at Razorcake

March 13

Things have been going well over here. Nearing the end of the first press of Owen Hart's "Earth Control", Ghostlimb preorders en route, and made it through most of the Gorlock "Doombox " records. Keep your eyes open, lots of new stuff coming from Birds in Row, Death Hymn #9, and shows, tours, shows, burnout, shows.
On a lighter note, conservative america is doing well to repeal large portions of voter rights, collective bargaining, and the like. Something to watch, slightly give attention, and then move on to our otherwise uninspired lives. Ugh

March 6

Alright chumps, Lots of ghostlimb "infrastructure" record release shows, etc coming up. Preorders for the record go up on March 19th, 8pm, don't miss on that>
March 12, Che Cafe w/ Owen Hart, Xibalba, etc
April 9 Shirley Temple of Doom House, Oakland w. Reivers
April 10 San Francisco w/Reivers
April 16th Record Release, The Smell w/ Comadre, Broadway Calls
April 22 District 9, Riverside w/Reivers
April 23 Che Cafe w/Capsule, Reivers
April 29 Black Lodge, Seattle w/ Owen Hart, Capsule, Tempest
April 30 Garbage Mountain, Vancouver w/Capsule, Tempest

Also an interesting review of the new record on Cosmos Gaming

Feb 28

Graf Orlock Doombox Review from Popmatters

Feb 25

There is a new ghostlimb song up for listen/downloading purposes at Brooklyn Vegan, Check it out and ignore what spurious comments may exist therein. Find it HERE.

Feb 21

This saturday in Riverside (Ghostlimb, Rogue State, Restrained, Maladie) at the Blood Orange Info Shop)
This Sunday at the Echoplex in Echo Park (Graf Orlock, Leftover Crack, Retox (members of Locust) and a few more, Show is a matinee thing at 5pm, don't be stupid.

Feb 13

OK. The new Ghostlimb LP "Infrastructure" Preorders will be going up on Sat March 19th at 8PM Pacific Time. This is to avoid it being difficult for those on the east coast. Sorry rest of the world.
This bad boy has 12 songs (1 cover), a digital download card and a running time of close to 26 minutes (which has been difficult for us in the past). That being said, there is a clever diecut on the cover and some awesome embossing. Should rage hard. Do not miss. I won't feel bad.

Feb 6

Ghosti record going out to press this week. Should be done on time at the beginning of april, release shows on west coast forthcoming.
Neal hates this picture, but i like it, Sorry neal. Come catch the show on Friday, 11th in Chino

Jan 31

Check out this video on Vimeo involving the Doombox. Dude is awesome. Don't ask me how to put it together.

Jan 26

-Hello hello, hope everyone is off to a fantastic spring semester. At the Vitriol Webstore we have reprints of the Graf Orlock Supercomputer Corpsepile hoodie as well as a new shirt to accompany the Doombox, please check those out.
-Some shows coming up
-Feb 11 Chino Warehouse, Ghostlimb, Vultures United, etc
-Feb 26 Blood Orange Info Shop, Riverside: Ghostlimb, Rogue State (Last Show), Restrained, and Maladie
-March 6 Que Sera, Long Beach: Ghostlimb, The Love Below, Low Places, 9pm
-March 12 Che Cafe: Ghostlimb, Owen Hart, Xibalba, Wunami
-March 13 The Echo, LA, Power of the Riff Show,: Graf Orlock, Funeral Pyre, etc (Matinee starts at 4)
-Also, new Vitriol Releases posted up on the bandcamp for download

Jan 19

-Welly well well well. The three shows this last weekend for the Gorlock record release went surprisingly well, were super violent, and quite fun. Thanks for coming and picking up the record if you did.
-Received the mass of Doombox records today, and will be systematically mailing them out in a concisely timed system of mailing organization. Anyways, in all seriousness there is like a million of these things to mail out so it will be coming soon, I am trying to be prompt. Hold onto your onesy.
-New Ghostlimb almost completely mastered. Listening to it as I write this and i will never concede that this thing is badass as all hell. Layout being worked out now and should be to press in no time. "INFRASTRUCTURE" should come out sometime at the end of March, depending of course, on stilted logistics.
-So that being said, thanks to everyone who was a part of the mess called this weekend. Back to the joyousness of Wikileaks.

Jan 6
-WARNING! To those worried, and who have preordered, you will receive the limited Gorlock 10" out of 150, just due to mix up, the black is the rarer of the two and the clear is standard! Do not fret! These will ship in about a week. Note to self: Do not press vinyl around the shitty holiday season.

-Holy shit does this new ghosti record own.

Jan 2
And holy shit, it appears most of us (some unfortunately), have survived another rousing year of taxes, work, and general self abuse. That being said, this new Ghostlimb record is going to tear some shit open, so you better watch out for that bad boy in a few months, followed by (hopefully) some Ghostlimb on the east coast, and (for sure) an August European tour with Black kites. Headquarters out.


-Thanks to all of those who preordered the new Graf Orlock and Owen Hart Records, that is very nice of you and may your days be "blessed" with abundance.
-The Graf Orlock/Owen Hart/Reivers shows up north popped off hard, whoever was there, shit ruled.
-This December 26, I'll be heading up with Tenaj to the bay and meeting our boy Neal to record the new Ghostlimb LP tentatively entitled "Infrastructure". 11/12 new songs of unholy spite and rabid intensity (these ones are a bit longer I promise). Shit owns if I say so myself, do check out in future, just make a note on your Ipad calendar or something.
-Merry Crassmas.

Problems w server solved, preorders up now.

Dec 15
I'm not going to tell you again:
Dec 17 the Red Room, Tacoma, WA w. Graf Orlock, Owen Hart
Dec 18 Garbage Mountain, Vancouver, BC w/Graf Orlock, Owen Hart, Tempest
Dec 19 Branx, Portland, Or w/Graf Orlock, Owen Hart
Jan 14 Vacation Vinyl. Los Angeles, 7pm, Graf Orlock
Jan 16, the Smell w/Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Death Hymn #9, Touche Amore
Jan 17, Chain reaction w/Graf Orlock, Dangers, Wageslave, AD, Deadhead

Dec 9
Labels/Distros: For Wholesale and Trade of Vitriol Releases, peep this THIS, and then email me.
Reviews for Doombox going motherfucking strong, son.

Dec 6

Well here you go you assholes. In all of its stupid, folded paper glory, this is the Doombox 10"+Trilogy CD prone to rip your stupid face off and then pummel you with 42 cd songs of the last 4 years of moronic and asocial behavior. You need to get this. Again preorders go up at midnight on 12/17.
these are the record release shows (for owen hart in december), and Graf Orlock in Jan.
Dec 17, Red Room, Tacoma, WA Graf Orlock, Owen Hart "Earth Control" Record Release
Dec 18, Garbage Mountain, Vancouver, BC, Graf Orlock, Owen Hart, Tempest
Dec 19, Branx, Portland, Or, Graf Orlock, Owen Hart
Jan 14, Vacation Vinyl, Graf Orlock in Store, 7pm, Los Angeles
Jan 17, Chain Reaction, Graf Orlock record release, w/Dangers and Others.

Dec 3
Buyer's Remorse "A Thorough Analysis" 7" out now!, get that shit HERE!, and don't forget chumps! Graf Orlock and Owen Hart Preorders on 12/17. 12 Am. That means the night of the 16th, I know this threw some of you off before.

Nov 27
Two Doombox Reviews from
MetalSucks.net, (which it does, for the most part), and Decibel Magazine.
Details about the Graf Orlock and Owen Hart Records release shows in the Northwest/Southwest are forthcoming.

Nov 22
Alright jerks. For real now we got these three records coming out soon, and they fucking rip. Like the splash page tells you the Owen Hart and Graf Orlock records will have a preorder on Dec 17 at 12:00 AM pacific time. These shits are going to fly off the proverbial shelf so get on it. Man am I "realllyy excitttted."

For the Owen Hart record release shows, Gorlock is coming up to the northwest to play Dec 17-19 with them, details forthcoming

A new Ghostlimb 7"/LP is in the works and seriously shreds beyond belief, that shit is being recorded dec 26th by Jack at Atomic Garden, who also moonlights in a forgettable band which just released a Double 7" on this here podunk label. This is in the future as well as a Birds in Row 10". On that note Ghostlimb will tour in europe this coming summer with this new record and hopefully both bands with rage together.

Write what you want to read, play what you want to hear, assholes.

Nov 5

After regrouping, Dangers is playing this show on the 11th of DEC, so go to it!

Oct 29
Lots of new shit up on the webstore! Don't be an idiot!

Oct 22
Alright noobs, got some new songs and shit to listen to, got some new records on the way and got a lot of shit going on. Check out the Vitriol Podcast #3 thing and download that shit here. Anyways, if you are in the Bay area catch Gorlock and ghostlimb and a slew of others at Gilman St Fri, 22 and an Oakland House Show at 3120 Martin Luther King Blvd, Oakland. Don't be a lazy asshole.

1. Cloak/Dagger, Don't Need A, from Lost Art LP
2. Buyer's Remorse, Schools of Thought, from A Thorough Analysis 7"
3. Tristess, Frustration, from Hog and Lag Blues LP
4. Jail Weddings, The Spell Has Lifted, from Jail Weddings 7"
5. 4DEAD, Icebreaker, from Anchors LP
6. Avail, Simple Song, from 4AM Friday LP
7. Cursive, The Great Decay, from Burst and Bloom EP
8. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, from Brutalist Bricks LP
9. King Khan and the Shrines, Took My Lady to Dinner, from The Supreme Genius of.. LP
10.Coerce, Silver tongued life licker, from Silver Tongued LIfe Licker LP

Oct 14
Alright due to shit out of our control, show at Pitzer isnt happening, but this one is: Sunday, October 17, Riff Haus Fullerton Vitamin X, Graf Orlock, Broken Needle, Knife Fight 1150 E Valencia Drive Fullerton CA 92831 (Sorry Sven) So go to it.

Oct 11
For the Oct 22 show at Gilman, unfortunately UOA postponed their tour. The show is still happening with all of the same bands plus ghostlimb so you should go to that. Also Oct 23 sat there will be a house show in the east bay with graf orlock, ghostlimb, and a couple more to be announced soon.

Oct 10
Since we last "spoke" a lot of things have happened. Buyer's Remorse off to press, Owen Hart off to press, Doombox details being worked out for press, etc etc. Note the ghostlimb/wageslave/buyer's remorse/archetypes show has been moved to here:
Claremont Pitzer College Huerta Room, Gold Center
7pm, 1050 Mills Ave, Claremont
w/ aforementioned bands. WTF

Sept 28
Go to these shows, Ghostlimb, Gorlock, Buyer's Remorse.

Sept 12

Click the logo to check out the new Buyer's Remorse record and page

Sept 6
I forgot to mention Bearing & Distance is out again, get it
CD Sale!!!!!1 over at the webstore!!!!1
with these things available:

And these shows are coming up: So peep em
Monday Sept 6, Hyde Park Half, Inglewood Buyer's Remorse, Power, Seahaven, Deadhead
Friday Sept 10, 6th St. Warehouse, LA, Buyer's Remorse, Coliseum, Burning Love
Sept 17th, 6th St Warehouse, LA, Ink & Dagger, Dangers, Touche Amore

Sept 2
Go to this show

August 28

Click here here to visit Norma and the Barkthrone puppy pack's youtube page.

August 27
Working on a project involving experiences with border crossings into Canada and everywhere else for both bands and normals. Any particular experience of interest, hit me up here.

August 24
-Back from tour, big thanks to Tempest and portions of Canada (except the parts between Winnipeg and Toronto). Shit was fun, put our mechanic skills to the test and allowed us to see some cities we never made it to, so thanks to everyone who had something to do with it or came to the shows.
-The Glasses US West Coast tour finished in good order, and I have some of their shirts left over so if you would like to pick some of those up, check them out on the webstore.
-Now that things are back in relative order, will be working on these slow ass releases, also the Ghosti "Bearing & Distance" CD repress will be out soon, for a cheap price too, so keep your stupid eyes open for that

Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft

August 10


August 12 the Troyler Victoria, BC
August 13 Bullys Vancouver, BC
August 14 Allendale hall Edmonton, AB
August 15 TBA Calgary, AB
August 16 the Club Regina SK
August 17 Rudolph Rocker CC Winnipeg, MB
August 18 Kilroys Thunder Bay, ON
August 19 Myths and Mirrors Sudbury, ON
August 20 Soy bomb Toronto ON
August 21 YMCA Youth Center Wellend ON

And if you don't have it already, the
Bearing & Distance CD is in repress.

August 7
Check out the WEBSTORE for Two new(ish) Ghostlimb shirts and The Ghostlimb Devil Crewneck

August 2
Around here lately things have been hectic as all hell.
-As previously mentioned the new Graf Orlock record is finished and waiting to get mixed by that asshole Flaco from Comadre in a few weeks. It has turned out surprisingly well as the music was recorded live and vocals done down here in LA. The Buyer's Remorse 7" is about to go to press as is the new Owen Hart LP. Check out the releases section for all of the stuff coming up soon. If all goes well by the beginning of fall these things will be out and about.
-As always, if anyone needs any of these records for distro, hit me up HERE.
-Canadians, keep in mind that some of us will be up there in short order for the tour starting on the 12 of August, we will have a couple of 20 or so original pressings of the Ghostlimb S/T LP w/etching, so check that noise out.
-Also, I have attempted to not do things in this bullet listing form, to further support ADD problems, etc, in a Twitter-like fashion, but you have to check Sam McPheeter's Twitter (of B.A., W.B., and M.R.P. fame), because it is one short story a day and is ridiculously funny.
-Buyer's Remorse is playing at Que Sera in Long Beach on Wednesday, August 4.

July 16
-All of the Drowning With Our Anchors/Maladie record preorders have gone out and everything seems to be settled up in that last misguided move of putting out 4 records at once. Let's do it again.
-The gorlock record will hopefully go to press before the middle of august, and that shit is ridiculous.
-The Buyer's Remorse 7" is being recorded this saturday so we should have some music at least to listen to on the Bandcamp for free pretty soon.
-The Owen Hart layout is also in the works, check them out on tour if you can.
-This Sunday, the 18th, at Que Sera in Long Beach Buyer's Remorse will be playing post 9pm. Get there.
-That all being said, hopefully in the next week we will have another Vitriol Podcast.
-Gearing up for the Ghostlimb/Tempest canadian tour and put some new shit up on the webstore. Holy sheep shit, get on this!
- As a final note, I am reading the Complete Sherlock Holmes Collections (inspired by that stain, Tim),and little did I know that good old SH was a cokehead. Oh well.

Little does this poorly taken tour picture illustrate how much we actually hate each other.

July 11
Ok questionable sentient beings, this coming month will bring fun and enjoyment all around in the form of a canadian tour for ghostlimb and our boys from Vancouver, Tempest. This should be rousing fun with guaranteed minimal fanfare for our ugly mugs, but if you are near any of these cities, you should come check this out because in a year and a half or so the mayans said the world was going to end and western Christianity picks and chooses what parts of "alien" cultures it will generally denigrate, or turn into a wild cult of fear. Enjoy!

August 12 the Troyler Victoria, BC
August 13 Bullys Vancouver, BC
August 14 Allendale hall Edmonton, AB
August 15 TBA Calgary, AB
August 16 the Club Regina SK
August 17 Rudolph Rocker CC Winnipeg, MB
August 18 Kilroys Thunder Bay, ON
August 19 Myths and Mirrors Sudbury, ON
August 20 Soy bomb Toronto ON
August 21 YMCA Youth Center Wellend ON

July 8
Vitriol Podcast 2 is downloadable here Vitriol Podcast #2
Songs played in Vitriol Podcast thing 2, by the end of the day i should be able to figure out the whole "download zipfile bullshit" thing.
1. Regulations, Baghdad Beach Party, from To Be Me
2. Owen Hart, Methlahem, from Earth Control LP
3. Pedro The Lion, Transcontinental, from Achilles Heel
4. Embrace, Can't Forgive, from Embrace
5. Clinic, Pet Eunic, from Clinic 7"
6. Archers of Loaf, Harnessed in Slums, from Vee Vee
7. Thou, Song of Illuminate Darkness, from Salome Split
8. Propagandhi, Gamble, from The Recovered EP
9. Perth Express, Ace of Spades, from Discography LP
10.Jawbox, Chinese Forktie, from Jawbox
11. Nightmarchers, I wanna deadbeat u, from See You in Magic

July 6
Right. Those flights blew. Meant to mention that we also now have the australian version of "Messy, Isn't It?" on CD. Check it out $7. Also Vitriol Podcast 2 coming up in a day or so, peep it.

July 5
Alright shit-hea-ads. Sitting in the melbourne airport as we speak with an overnight layover until we go back to beautiful los angeles. Australia has been brutal, fruitful, and excellent. Thanks to the robotos and mike/coerce in particular for the last couple of days, they are good shits.Check the webstore for new australian releases and the like,including the new Robotosaurus/Coerce CD, and a bunch of other "important" things. Overall this has been a sweet round of shows and an awesome second time here for gorlock and a tight first time for dangers. Look out for the new gorlock record that should be finished up this week to be pressed later this summer as well as the ghostlimb tour in canada in about 5 weeks. Look at these things sequentially:
-Owen Hart record nearing completion.
-Gorlock recording finishing up
-Buyer's Remorse 7" recording being done real soon
-Potential US/Aus Collaboration on many projects

A big shout out to everyone who has ordered and had interest in the label and bands from australia, if we talked it was nice to meet you and the support is most appreciated. It is nice to put names to faces (this is a rare time i am being sincere, so accept it), thanks.

June 18
Ok, Ok. So we managed to evade authorities by getting into australia with all of our merch and relative dignity intact. Unfortunately, our Lismore show was cancelled due to some unforseen circumstances, but our show tomorrow is still on in Brisbane all ages at the Burst City. Slow clap those Koalas.

June 15
At the risk of sounding both trite and pathetic, i am going to repost this fabulous tour poster picture which might be curiously familiar to some of the more observant of readers (see 2007 West Coast Tour). Our depressed crew will be hitting the shores of Thunderdome Continent (or as my lady friend calls it "Mephistopheles Island"), on June 17th. There we hope to continue evading authorities and driving on the (obvious) wrong side of the road. I suggest you go there as well. See you in 60 hours. F U USA, Oh hai! OZ.

June 13
Alright, Drowning With Our Anchors/Maladie Split 10" is up from preorder HERE, on Saturday, June 19th at 12:00 AM, take heed, this shit is pretty tight.

June 11
Take note, ghostlimb is not playing the show at the che on saturday with dangers and thou, but it is still happening.

June 8
Records have been a little delayed getting out but working hard to get all of those lagging preorders out by next week when we leave. In the mean time, take a gander at this new Graf Orlock Steadycam Film Review of Robin Hood, either here, or on the Decibel Magazine Deciblog.

June 1
Right! Dangers set at Rainfest and show in Portland were fun and everyone involved was helpful, not a shithead, and decidedly pleasant, this particularly goes out to Tre and Liam and Joanne. Sometimes it is way too long. Anger Represses go out soon.

For those who listened to the podcast, we will have one out at the first of every month, so there will be another one coming soon.

For labels, bands, etc who are interested in wholesale, we'll be around until about the 13th of june, so hit me up before then if this applies to you because i am sick of having all of this petrochemical garbage in by garage. Check for ghostlimb, graf orlock, and dangers shows prior to the Australia Tour. Trade/Wholesale list can be found here. VIT Wholesale list.

New short question style interview up of the bands/label done by Kitty Play Records, be annoyed at my answers at your own risk.

Now let's get down to motherfucking brass tacks. For those not paying attention to the world outside of worthless hardcore, we have another "interesting" "action" by the "completely non-reactionary" Israeli government against an international flotilla containing protesters and supplies headed for Gaza. Of particular interest are these few articles summing up the event, and discussing international solidarity and anger expressed through protest abroad. Seriously?

May 27
-Obviously, go to this show on sat, the forming records are all here, everyone that ordered one (not with other preorders) have been sent out.

-The running experiment in a "podcast" or "song thing" or "talked over playlist" is done, it is downloadable here Vitriol Podcast #1 and must be pointed out that YES I know this is an introductory one so it may be boring, YES i know i subconsciously force my brain to say "awesome" as an adjective for everything, and YES i know YOU could have done it better, but check it out, it is the better part of an hour has a lot of good songs and some info stuck in there in between about things coming up, also if anyone wants something played on it, hit me up.
Songs played in Vitriol Podcast thing 1
1. Leatherface, Hoodlum, from Dog Disco
2. Birds In Row, The Letter, from Rise of the Phoenix EP
3. (Young) Pioneers, Downtown Tragedy, from Free the (Young) Pioneers Now!
4. Masshysteri, Lat Dom Hata Oss, from Masshysteri
5. Forming, Hate My Gutz, from Forming 7"
6. Hot Snakes, Unlisted, from Suicide Invoice
7. Fischer, Song, from first 7"
8. The Marked Men, Fix My Brain, from Fix My Brain
9. Land of Treason, Rebuild, from Demo
10.I Spy, God.Family.Country, from Perversity is Spreading...It's About Time Discography
11. Barra Head, Common Ground, from Go Get Beat Up
12. Glass and Ashes, Diving Line, from Aesthetic Arrest


May 24
-The preorders for Dangers and Comadre will be coming soon, hold onto your empty wallets.

-Coming up soon is something new we are doing over here, it is going to be a downloadable podcast of musics and worthless banter that you could probably do better without. Anyways, it will be fun for us and will have some songs from records coming out as well as shit i just plain want to listen to, so check that out and there will be a link to download it at some point ahead.

-As a side note, it is my birthday today and if you are reading this, I am almost certain I am older than you, but contrary to most, I have no problem with this and plan on being super dead by 30. Adieu.

May 20
Go to the Chain Reaction show on Saturday. It is Graf Orlock, Touche Amore, Loma Prieta and others. Do it.

May 11
The Comadre preorders are done, and the Dangers one is almost there.


May 8

This weekend, Graf Orlock recorded a new EP entitled (tentatively), Doombox. This was not grueling, nor did it really suck. It was actually fairly easy. Thanks to those who bought the preorders of the two newest records.

May 1
Firstly, happy May Day to people out there.

Secondly, as you may have noted on the index page, the preorders for Dangers "Anger" LP Repress and the Comadre/Glasses Split 2x7" go up this coming Saturday morning (technically) at 12:00 AM. Feel free to purchase those and check em out, Bloodtown Records is preordering them concurrently with some of their back catalog represses as well.

April 27th

Thursday 17th June - Tempo Bar, Brisbane 18+
Friday 18th June - Shed 5, Gold Coast AA
Saturday 19th June - Burst City, Brisbane AA
Sunday 20th June - Northern Rivers Sound, Lismore AA
Tuesday 22nd June - Bens house, Maclean AA
Wednesday 23rd June - The Red Rattler, Marrickville AA
Thursday 24th June - Oxford Tavern, Wollongong 18+
Friday 25th June - Agincourt Hotel (Club Blink), Sydney AA
Saturday 26th June - AJ's House, Sydney AA
Sunday 27th June - Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle 18+
Wednesday 30th June - Melbourne AA
Thursday 1st July - Melbourne AA
Friday 2nd July - The Arthouse, Melbourne 18+
Saturday 3rd July - The German Club, Adelaide LIC/AA
Sunday 4th July - Alleyway Show, Adelaide AA

Also check out the Kick Ass/The Losers review that just came up on DecibelMagazine.com

April 26th

It appears that all has been deleted here of the news, but I can tell you these things,
-Forming Test Press Approved and should be coming soon
-Owen Hart recording is finished and en route to me for the layout and pressing, shit is super metal
-Dangers "Anger" LP repress is out. Preorders will be HERE on Sat, May 8th at 12:00 AM. The main press is on clear blue vinyl and the preorders will be on Grey vinyl. This will be 100/700.

-Comadre/Glasses Split 2 x 7" is at the plant and is coming sometime soon, i will let you know what the deal is with preorders etc at a more fitting time

Also, if you haven't yet, and as far as I can tell, you haven't, get the Birds In Row 7". This thing rules, these dudes should be hitting the west coast in summer, so support that shit and the international d.i.y. scene you benefit from, but rarely participate in. Bis spater